Speaker Cable

Polycab speaker cables are best used to connect receivers or power amplifiers to speakers and also used for the trouble free internal wiring in the speakers. Polycab Speaker cables with higher number of copper strands, fighter inner twisting and low capacitance ensures the minimum signal loss during the transmission of signal from the amplifier to the speakers. Polycab speaker cables are designed with high conductivity copper and thick insulation which helps to sustain the sound quality in the longest run. The excellent sound quality and minimum signal loss of Polycab speaker cables make it ideal for both Hi-Fi speaker system and home theater application, where long runs for the surrounding channel speakers are required to be discrete. The cables are extremely durable and have a thin construction with transparent insulating material. Polycab Speaker cables are made of High conductivity oxygen free copper with special transparent PVC insulation with blue strip marking at one side providing easy identification to avoid polarity-reversals during installation. Generally the job of a speaker cable is to carry a substantial amount of electrical current from the output of a power amplifier to a sneaker system.

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